Revenue Cycle Analytics and Reporting Services

Success in the healthcare industry is not just about operational performance but also about the quality and effectiveness of care, and financial performance management is critical to the achievement of this delicate balance. While many approaches and KPIs exist, HFMA through its MAP Keys has effectively created an ecosystem of metrics specific to the type of organization – hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician practices.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) approached this problem and determined 29 KPIs as a standard for healthcare revenue cycle excellence known as the MAP Keys. Revenue cycle benchmarks provided by the MAP keys help practitioners understand their relative performance vis-à-vis best in class organizations.

Our services include:

  • Providing an Analyst team to generate reports specific to each KPIs

  • Provide trends and patterns for each KPI over a time horizon

  • Discuss opportunities to improve on different KPIs

  • Provide reports specific to each provider/facility


  • Get an accurate understanding of your administrative and financial performance

  • Deeper analysis of each KPI for different providers and facilities

  • Clear identification of improvement strategies and development of roadmap

  • Achieve best-in-class performance

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