Medical Record Abstraction Services

Atom Healthcare provides medical records abstraction and reporting services for payers and providers that want to optimize the management of quality related data for HEDIS reporting, Medicare Stars program, collect and track medical records, and perform chart abstraction at various levels.

Our medical record abstraction services are provided by a team of seasoned professionals who have experience in medical records retrieval, coding, and abstraction for HEDIS and Stars and help to improve coding accuracy with our clinically trained staff and quality control.

We handle indexing / categorization and abstracting / preloading of medical documents with utmost diligence. Services include:

  • Medical Chart / Document Indexing

    • Categorization of medical documents in the EMR system using patient name, document type and DOS etc. for effective record keeping

  • Medical Document Abstracting / Reviewing

    • Abstracting vital information such as patient’s medical history for future reference by the providers to render appropriate care

  • Referral Order Reviewing

    • Reviewing and closing of referral orders issued by providers to ensure ordered services are completed with due diligence


With Atom Healthcare’s scalable Medical Record Abstraction services, you get the following benefits:

  • Control costs with scalable capacity of our offshore office in Chennai India staffed with expert practitioners

  • Know the status of medical records retrievals with our daily reports

  • Achieve high accuracy rates through our rigorous quality control

  • We have experience of working on different EHRs and can pull medical records using work with multiple APIs to get information for chart abstraction

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