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Atom Healthcare Focusing on Patient Credentialing

Credentialing the patients in every healthcare organization is considered with the utmost importance and Atom Healthcare being a revenue cycle management company needs to get it right.  For this to be done at an expert level, appointing the right providers and equipping them with the right requirements is pivotal for quality patient care and optimized income generation. The Medical Staff Officers (MSO) at Atom healthcare are getting overwhelmed with the rising number of patients and the cumbersome job to add and appoint them more than ever.

Understanding the Credentialing Process of Atom Healthcare

The current patient credentialing process of most of the revenue cycle management companies has a lot of shortcomings. According to the providers, these include, the paperwork they have to go through when seeking medical care while dealing with the inconsistent provisions across payers. With ever-changing rules and standers while navigating through multiple websites in the credentialing process makes it even more vital for Atom healthcare.

It is very easy to find that, for a provider, it will take up to eight-nine hours to finish the credentialing application. And before they can wind it up, the clinical professionals received an inquiry for required additional information. Now, this is where the medical chart abstraction and medical record abstraction services of Atom healthcare come into play.

While the work required by the medical professionals to put in is increasing, the amount of valuable information available online is decreasing due to the financial requirements required to keep it up.

All this shows why a big change in the credentialing process is a huge requirement with Atom Healthcare.

The MSO Struggles to Keep Up With The Needs Of The Obsolete Method

The payer enrolment is added to the to-do-list of MSO’s by Atom healthcare being a medical billing and coding company. There already is a long list of activities the MSO’s have to execute on a given day from this list. When their company continues to expand by merging and acquiring new ones, the MSO’s take the blow the most.

With the merger and acquisitions, newly employed or affiliated providers have to be appointed thereby making the payer enrolment rather difficult than before. And each provider of different organizations does their credentialing process themselves causing duplication and elongated turnaround times.

Is Credential Verification Organization The Answer For The MSO’s Problems Faced By Atom Healthcare?

With these problems in sight, Atom Healthcare has shifted to the credentials verification organizations just like many other revenue cycle management companies. This will help to alleviate the pain from doing the provider credentialing and payer enrolment.

CVO’s will help the MSO’s by handling a lot of the aspects in the provider credentialing process right from primary source verification. This means all the legwork such as going out and gathering all the information will be done by the CVO’s. This will enable the MSO’s to rapidly-produce the information gathered to the committees while the applicant can go ahead with the review process.

All these benefits show why CVO’s are a huge cost-cutting and efficient method to implement.